Forza Motorsport 7: Dissecting the Car List

Note: For those who seek superfluous speculation on the latest iteration of the Xbox franchise Forza Motorsport, this series of posts is for you.

When Turn 10 Studios’ latest offering, Forza Motorsport 7, launches this October, it will contain over 700 cars available in the base game. It’s a true mountain of digital metal compared to similar racing games (It’s the most, apart from Gran Turismo 6’s nearly 1200). And while some will be quick to point out the myriad Skylines puffing up Gran Turismo’s total car count, there’s a spare tire starting to show up in the Forza franchise’s waistline.

Forza Motorsport 6 previously launched with 460 cars. Among that total was everything from pre-war coupes, muscle cars, Italian design house classics, and performance variants of modern road cars.

It also featured V8 Supercars, Formula E, IndyCar, BTCC/WTCC, and IMSA-spec GT cars, many of which were worryingly similar, with no significant changes apart from different paint schemes.

Some duplicate cars are still in FM7 and will most likely be joined by most of the 150 cars that came out as DLC in Forza Motorsport 6. There’s some gems with those additions, including a Mercedes-Benz racing truck, and the Alfa Romeo P3, but for those who expect a ton of surprises, you’ll be let down.

Close followers of the Motorsport and Horizon franchises know that cars added as DLC generally are in the next game at launch, while additions for Horizon are added to Motorsport (and vice-versa). This means the weekly car reveals over the summer aren’t a huge surprise for anyone except those new to Forza, but it also makes it easier to predict a final car list for Forza Motorsport 7.

Working from the more than 600 that were in Forza 6 after DLC, the additions to Forza Horizon 3 should bring the number very close to FM7’s car count of “more than 700.” We will most likely see cars like the Aston Martin Vulcan, R31 Nissan Skyline, Honda Civic Type-R, and Lotus 3-Eleven in the Motorsport franchise for the first time.

Other cars that appeared in the franchise previously, like the Volvo 242 and Mazda RX-7 FC should return, and we can only hope that the full race versions of famous rally cars will appear soon (Rally DLC?).


We’ve heard that NASCAR, IndyCar, and the Weathertech Sports Car Championship are all in the game at launch – the first being a big highlight as it was previously a DLC expansion – and series like BTCC/WTCC and Formula E stand a strong chance of being in the game as well.

Formula 1 is a little more shaky. While the Lotus E21 and E23 both appeared previously, the team is now run by Renault, and strict licensing deals may mean the end of seeing the lone F1 car in Forza. On the other hand, Romain Grosjean has Microsoft sponsorship, and between him being with the American Haas F1 team, and Liberty Media’s slightly more open-door approach, we could see the Haas VF-17 in Forza Motorsport 7.

Expect the 2016/2017 versions of popular GT racers, including the BMW M6 GTLM and Ferrari 488 GTE, to at least come as DLC, even though I’d love to see them in the game at launch.

Speaking of DLC, if the latest and greatest sports cars and supercars aren’t in the game at launch, expect the most popular ones to be the “feature car” in upcoming DLC packs, at least six of which are guaranteed, alongside less-appreciated classics from years past.

As for some cars which slipped between the cracks between iterations of Motorsport, the Forzathon feature from Horizon will be seen in FM7, and could bring those cars that will return to the franchise but not carry the desire and hype a DLC-only car would bring.

A few new cars have already shown up in E3 videos, but just like the build-up to Forza 6’s launch, new additions to the franchise and cornerstone favorites will slowly be revealed throughout the summer. Still, expect a little padding in the car list, and for some of your favorites (both in-game and real-world) to sadly be missing at launch.